We fuel the growth


We trade in 10 PPM Diesel and Bio Fuel and provides affiliated services to key industrial sectors in UAE.
Our Product Highlights:
  • High-quality petroleum products (Quality checked at our chemical labs
  • Product quality certified by ESMA (Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology
  • 99% QC passed
  • Capacity to undertake small and bulk deliver
  • Special rates on bulk orders
  • CCTV monitor terminal

Our Services

Mawared Energy is the one-stop solution for all your energy needs serving core industries who are major contributors to the UAE economy. We commercial mobile and bulk fueling, fuel packaging, distribution and sale, integrated out-sourced fuel management, transportation logistics and emergency response services.

Mawared Energy is leading the way in fuel distribution/services industry segment, implementing disruptive digital innovations with the vision of radically transforming its operations, thus providing excellent customer experices.

Fuel Trading

  • We trade in 10 PPM Diesel and provide affiliated services to key industrial sectors in UAE.
  • We have recently introduced a number of variants of environmental friendly fuel (e.g. Bio-Fuel) that aligns with the sustainability agenda of UAE.
  • Mawared Energy specializes in providing complete and customized energy solutions to our clients, undertaking both small and bulk orders for high quality petroleum produce.

Fuel Transport

Our fleet of custom specialized tanker vehicles delivers diesel fuel to client locations on a pre-scheduled or need-based plan, distributing specialized petroleum products to clients.
Our specialties:
  • Custom specialized fleet of over 15 vehicles
  • 24/7 service- Round the clock service delivery.
  • 24/7 customer support- Reach us at 800MAWARED (call centre) for any customer requirements.

Fuel Supply & Storage

We supply fuel to clients’ storage, including fixed-site and temporary bulk storage tanks and emergency power generation systems and directly refuel engines, vehicles and equipment (like generators).

We provide fuel storage facility along with dispensers on a contract basis at clients’ site as well.

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