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Mawared Energy is a leading fuel supplier in the UAE. We trade in 10 PPM Diesel and Bio Fuel and provides affiliated services to key industrial sectors in UAE. Mawared Energy is a market leader among very few organized distributors within medium scale fuel distributors in the UAE. We cater to a broad range of industries including the government, construction, transport and logistics, food and beverages, building materials, hospitality, oil and gas, environment and waste etc.

Mawared initially established in 2012

Mawared initially established in 2012

Member of Dubai SME

Trades Gas Oil and Bio Fuel Certified by ESMA

Trades Gas Oil and Bio Fuel Certified by ESMA

Mawared Energy serving 150+ clients from all the industries


Mawared Energy has created a clear market differentiation with its commitment to providing the best services to the customers. Mawared Energy is now leading the way in fuel distribution/services industry segment.

Price competitive

Our strong relationships with key suppliers and in-house analytics team enable us to procure the product at the right price making us price competitive.

Customer portfolio of industry leaders

We are the fuel suppliers to most of the top industry players across construction, transport, government, F&B, hospitality, environment and waste management industries

Reliability of delivery

We are committed to support our clients through timely delivery at their sites across UAE throughout the year, including over weekends and holidays in critical situations.

Industry leading policies and procedures

We follow industry leading policies and procedures with a strong focus on Health, Safety and Environmental performance.

Excellence in customer service

Reach us at 800MAWARED (call centre) for any customer requirements. We are committed to serve our customer 24/7 in the best possible way.

Digital innovations enablement

Our customer service and operations are enabled by digital solutions like

  *Currently under developmentt



We love innovation. We like to create new, original and better ways of doing things. This gives us energy and momentum.


We experience true empowerment by collaborating with all our partners to achieve a greater common goal and enhancing the collective capacity of individuals to create the results that matter.


We are committed to support our clients through timely delivery at their sites across UAE throughout the year, including over weekends and holidays in critical situations. We have high standards for health, safety and environment commitment.


Our strong relationships with key suppliers, strong in-house analytics team, committed operations team help us offer the best-in-class products and services to our clients.


The leadership team at Mawared Energy is focussed on improving and innovating the energy business model, thus bringing in the best value to our customers.

Hamad Obaid Rashid Obaid Al Shamsi


Steering Mawared’s Success

Mr. Hamad Al Shamsi has been at the forefront of Mawared Energy’s leadership since 2012, steering the business towards corporate success and business diversification. Under his leadership, Marwared Energy has developed a very strong portfolio of clients who are leaders in their Industries

Dr. Dheeraj Bhardwaj

Group CEO

Dr. Dheeraj Bhardwaj

Dr. Dheeraj Bhardwaj joined Mawared Energy in 2018 as Group CEO – Mawared Holdings to lead the energy, retail and electrical business interests across UAE and Oman while overseeing strategic management, operations, innovation and business transformation. Dr. Dheeraj has 20+ years of experience in strategy development, strategic IT, change management and consulting. He has a unique blend of leadership, technical & analytical skills backed with a PhD in Computational Mathematics from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and an MBA from Business School at Imperial College, London.

Ahmed Zenjarli

Head of Business


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Mawared Energy is committed to maintain the highest standards in it’s products and services delivery.